What I've Learnt from Dr Google

When it comes to over-thinking and jumping to conclusions, I'm your gal.
So when strange symptoms begin appearing, I am the first one to turn to my phone for instant answers. Lately i've been having some weird and random things going on. Google has been my first response...and here is what i've learnt;
1) Dr Google jumps straight to the worst case scenarios (terrifying to say the least).
2) It doesn't make you feel any better (it made me instantly anxious).
3) In fact, it probably makes you feel worse (yep).
4) It's usually wrong information (or simply just a bunch of people sharing similar concerns).
5) Some websites can be helpful (rare but true...Mayo Clinic seems pretty trustworthy).
6) It's addictive (you'll come away with a whole new list of things you've 'got' - Google pretty much says I'm dying).

Moral of the story?
Speak to someone who knows your health history. Someone you can have a two-way discussion with. Someone who can run tests and make informed, knowledgable decisions. Someone with arms and legs and a brain.

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