Welcome to this space of mine where things are kept very simple.
I'm a mum of three and wife of one. We have a house on a hill and a big, black dog.
Life is wonderful most of the time but that's not to say it's without hard days and tears.

Why 'Tea with Milk & Honey'?
'Cause that's how I take my tea! But more than that, this is a place where I can share my thoughts, which are sometimes not so simple, and enjoy the community that sharing can bring.

I am not a writer (of the professional standards), but I love to share. So please excuse the occasional grammatical error, I tend to type how I speak. I share with an open heart and mind and I share with honesty. I hope you feel comfortable here and you'll stick around.

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And lastly I want to say thank you for reading, for visiting and for commenting. Connecting with people is one of lifes greatest pleasures for me. So thank you.