...It is getting hot. I can't say I enjoy the heat once it reaches the thirties

...The children are getting tired as the year draws to an end

...I am wishing we had a swimming pool

...My creative mind is running wild and I am loving it

...Watermelon tastes so good

...We are spending days off at the beach and it is utter bliss

...There is nothing good to watch on TV

...I'm enjoying connecting with friends in such a genuine way

...Our Christmas tree will go up this weekend and I am so excited about it!

...In March I will see Adele perform live and I cannot wait

...There is something about the smell of sunscreen that makes me happy

...The calendar is fill in yup fast and I love it! Socialising and busyness is a joy.

...The Husband is working Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I cried. But it's part of the job that he loves and we will lake it work, as we always do.

...I think Master Seven has morphed into a teen overnight. He lays on his bed listening to Ed Sheeran and doesn't want anyone to disturb him.

...I've lost my voice. I have a chest and throat infection. Master Five is still looking for my voice and has wondered where on earth it could possibly be.

...Yesterday Miss Two put all the toilet paper into the toilet and then climbed my wardrobe shelves and got a hold of my nail polish. Let's just say her white t-shirt isn't white anymore. 

Christmas: Advent Calendars

This year instead of trying to stuff three chocolates into one pocket of the family advent calendar I've decided to take a fresh approach. Instead of chocolates we will have activities. One card in each pocket with one instruction/activity for the day.

I'm hoping these cards will not only bring our family joy and quality time spent together, but some cards will hopefully bring others joy as well.
If you want to play along I will list our ideas below. I simply created a table in a Word Doc and typed these ideas in. Printed. Cut. Stuck onto Christmassy paper. Laminated and cut again.

Some of the ideas are a little Brady Bunch (see numbers 3 + 12) but we are that kinda family. You can change any of these to suit your family. There are heaps more on Pinterest.
Of course, you will need to grab the calendar and see what you have planned on certain days and take into account school and weekends etc and put some thought into what number/day each card will be drawn.

Okay, here we go...

1. Today we will put up our Christmas tree!
2. Today we will buy a gift for a sick or poor child (Kmart gift tree perhaps)
3. Today we will sing some Christmas carols together.
4. Today we will make milkshakes and drink them from our Christmas cups!
5. Today we will go to a local park and pick up rubbish to keep our world clean.
6. Today we will read some Christmas books together.
7. Today we will make some Christmas craft.
8. Today we will write out Christmas cards for our family and friends.
9. Today we will make hot chocolate with marshmallows.
10. Today we will make Christmas paper chains to hang in the house.
11. Today we will gather some toys and books and donate them to charity.
12. Today we will dance to Christmas music in the lounge room.
13. Today we will play a board game together.
14. Tonight we will drive around and look at Christmas lights on the houses.
15. Today we will visit the library and see if we can find Christmas books.
16. Today we will go to the beach and have ice-cream.
17. Today we will do something nice and kind for someone else.
18. Today we will make Christmas treats for our neighbours and school teachers.
19. Today we will read about the first Christmas story from the Bible.
20. Today we will find and share some Christmas jokes.
21. Today we will make reindeer food.
22. Today we will think of three things we are thankful for.
23. Today we will watch a Christmas movie.
24. Today we will open our Christmas Eve box

Have fun! Tis the season to be jolly!

Spring is Almost Over

Spring is my favourite season of the year. Our garden is blooming with new green shoots and bursts of colourful flowers are appearing daily.

The jasmine is creeping upwards over the walls of the arbour and I quietly wonder how long it will be before we're walking under a canopy of tiny white flowers and lush green leaves.

The children have been helping us weed between the pavers and they seem to almost gain enjoyment from this type of work.

We've been spending days off at the beach. Exploring caves, sharing the rocks with the crabs as we climb. The children are so happy at the beach. There is something so wild and carefree about a day spent at the beach. It's invigorating.

Sunflower seeds are struggling to sprout on our window sil. I was hopeful they would take hold and be planted in our fairy garden. Our fairy garden is in a large, white ceramic bowl that was found beneath the overgrowth of our first home and has travelled to this house with us. So far it houses a little green frog (of the plastic kind), a tiny porcelain rabbit and a colourful, miniature gnome. We are yet to build tiny houses for them but I'm counting on the sunflowers providing bright, yellow shelters for them, protecting them from the hot, summers heat.

Soon it will be Christmas. Cicadas will hum and flies will buzz and the air will be filled with a sense of magic and excitement.

Early Mornings

It's early on Saturday morning. I wake to the sound of rain, which in my opinion is simply the best way to be woken. Instead of laying in bed I decide to get up and have some time to myself in my unusually quiet house.
After a while of only hearing the birds singing in the rain, I hear Miss Two softly call my name, over and over again in an almost rhythmic song - 'Maa-mee, Maa-me, Maa-mee.'
Just this past week she has been waking early, before 6am. She isn't upset when she wakes but rather I think she just likes letting me know that she's opened her eyes and is ready for something to happen. I sneak into her room quietly and place a kiss on her head. 'Good morning sweetheart' I whisper as I switch her rabbit lamp on. I pass her a stack of books and tell her I'll be back soon. As I tip-toe down the hall I can already hear her 'reading' happily.

Soon enough, one by one, my three will all emerge from their rooms and our weekend will commence.

I head off to Yoga at 8am, something I look forward to doing every time. Even though the room is over crowded I still manage to switch off and escape my own busy thoughts for an hour. There is much that is unsettling in the world right now and although it worries me greatly, I know there is little that I can do to change any of it. I need to let it go.

With Him

Something pretty special happened this year and I only just realised it.
Since May 2016 I have been with my husband for longer than I've been without him.
More than half of my life has now been spent with him by my side. Him in my heart.
Over 16 years of loving him.

Today we were sitting on our couch with our three children and our eldest was in between us so we couldn't see one another very well. I received a message on my phone and when I looked at it I realised it was from my husband. He had just taken a photo of our feet and sent it to me with the caption - 'I want to walk with you forever.'