Early Mornings

It's early on Saturday morning. I wake to the sound of rain, which in my opinion is simply the best way to be woken. Instead of laying in bed I decide to get up and have some time to myself in my unusually quiet house.
After a while of only hearing the birds singing in the rain, I hear Miss Two softly call my name, over and over again in an almost rhythmic song - 'Maa-mee, Maa-me, Maa-mee.'
Just this past week she has been waking early, before 6am. She isn't upset when she wakes but rather I think she just likes letting me know that she's opened her eyes and is ready for something to happen. I sneak into her room quietly and place a kiss on her head. 'Good morning sweetheart' I whisper as I switch her rabbit lamp on. I pass her a stack of books and tell her I'll be back soon. As I tip-toe down the hall I can already hear her 'reading' happily.

Soon enough, one by one, my three will all emerge from their rooms and our weekend will commence.

I head off to Yoga at 8am, something I look forward to doing every time. Even though the room is over crowded I still manage to switch off and escape my own busy thoughts for an hour. There is much that is unsettling in the world right now and although it worries me greatly, I know there is little that I can do to change any of it. I need to let it go.

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