Who Are You?

Hello out there. I am wondering about you.

One of the things I love the most about blogging is the connection I can make with people; and whilst I realise it's not face-to-face and I realise some might not think it is 'real' because it's online, I have had enough experience over the years to know that the community blogging can build is 100% real.

So I want to know where you are from and what you do. I want to know what your hopes and dreams are and I want to know your fears. Will you share them so we can grow this community?
How did you find me here and what posts do you like the most/least?

Comments below are open and I'd love for us to converse.

Here is a bit about me.

  • I am sentimental. So much so that I journal, blog, take thousands of photos, film moments of every day life, have old videos transferred to digital files, scan old photos so they can be stored digitally forever. I take photos and film as a hobby for others and I keep most of my children's art and craft. 
  • I fear death. Something people don't like to talk about, but I have an interest in it. I am very curious by nature and I am intrigued by dying and death. I think about it too much and am scared of leaving this wonderful life and leaving my husband and children. I fear missing out. I know my fear is quite irrational - because once I'm gone I know I won't have those worries or cares, it is more that I think about leaving my family and all the emotions surrounding that.
  • I am a primary school teacher. I don't always love my job but I put plenty of love into my job. I am not sure if it's the career I will have forever but it serves wonderfully for family life and it is valuable enough to keep me interested. 
  • I am an amateur at most things but love to give anything a try. In school I had to go to special writing recovery classes because I wasn't very good at writing. My spelling is average and apparently I wasn't (or perhaps still aren't) very imaginative. 
  • For many years motherhood defined me. I am slowly re-writing my definition of self. I am adding things along the way and expanding on who I am. We are never 'Just a Mum' - there is always so much more. 
Now it's your turn...will you be brave and share?


  1. Love to read ALL your words but the really honest ones are the best, warts and all, real stuff, mothering moments, good and bad. I can feel a different approach in this blog, maybe holding back a little? So glad you decided to blog again, I would have missed you!
    My fears mostly surround our future, my son's future which inevitably affects us all. There are so many enormous question marks ahead of us and they overwhelm me almost daily. The future is still exciting but also very worrysome.
    I fear that I am so busy surviving some days that I will dissapoint my daughter and myself. It's because I have so much wonderful hope for her and I. I really want to be her friend if that makes sense. J.x

    1. I'll always write with honesty but after being badly burnt I guess I am more careful with what I share online (there are some really nasty people out there!). One thing I can't stand is being told I am something that I am not. Make sense? Your fears are so justified and understandable and whilst I can't pre tent to know what it's like I know how hard parenting is full stop. I know you have additional challenges to face daily as well and I can only say I take my hat off to you and hope that you always feel supported. I worry about disappointed my children and letting them down. Some days I tell myself I'm not good enough and they deserve a more patient and loving mother. I think we all have similar fears as parents. That's why I love sharing, so we feel less alone xx Thanks so much for commenting.

  2. See... I'm already glad I wrote that because you just have me some instant perspective which I really need right now. I keep blaming alot of our challenges on the A word when I need to be reminded parenting 3 little people or parenting fullstop is bloody hard! Oh and totally understand re. the nasty-asses out there. Glad you came back to blogging and didn't let them stifle your creative outlet. Keep going. X

    1. Three kids under four?! Jo, you are doing amazingly. Truly. You are all alive, all fed and all loved. Keep your head high my friend xx


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