We've returned from a week's camping trip to the South Coast of NSW. It was spectacular and better than expected. I had in my head that camping with three young children for a week was crazy, but you know what? We loved it and apart from feeling tired, I feel like the week was a huge success.

The school holidays on a whole were lovely. We all needed the slower days and quality time together.

Today Master Seven started school again, he is in Year Two now and I am feeling really positive that this will be a great year for him. This morning as we walked into the school gates, he held my hand and I feel such an overwhelming feeling of joy and love for him.

Master Five will start Kindergarten on Thursday and I am flooded with mixed emotions. I am excited for him yet at the same time sad that our days at home during the week are over. Little things, like Story-time at the library will no longer be something him and I do together and that puts a lump in my throat. So tomorrow is a day we will have together. We will go to the library, somewhere he loves to visit and we may even make it to Story-time, for one last session together.

Today Miss Two sang songs while The Husband played the guitar. It was possibly the cutest thing she has ever done. She is such a ball of craziness and joy. She is absolutely hilarious and super sweet. I still thank God every day for blessing me with her.

I have so many plans and hopes for the year ahead. January is already almost over and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

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