A Great Start

This morning we moved slowly and it was decided that pancakes would serve as the perfect New Year breakfast. After church we headed home and ate a simple lunch of boiled eggs and salad before putting Miss Two down for a nap and allowing Master Seven and Master Five some screen time together.

The Husband and I hit the garage with a vengeance. Cleaning, sorting, stacking and sweeping; and before long we were completely satisfied with our productive efforts and the space we had created.
There is nothing more satisfying for me than organising and simplifying.

The afternoon was spent riding bikes in the yard, drinking smoothies and playing UNO.

Now we have tummies full of Jamie Oliver's green pici (a new favourite in this household) and I am feeling quite content with how 2017 has begun.


Last night as I lay in bed, before the clock struck midnight I said a prayer. I prayed for my family and I prayed for my friends. I prayed for this world. Let us all make 2017 one that is filled with love and kindness, respect and open-minds.

Happy New Year.

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