'Here is the mud, and there is the lotus that grows out of the mud. 
We need the mud, in order to make the lotus.'
                             - Thich Nhat Hanh

I like to reflect on things and when I look back over the year that has been, I see many challenges. 2016 was a challenging one and one that has certainly made me stronger. It has changed me, shaped me into a different version of myself...a better version. 

This has been a year where relationships have strengthened. A year where I've put myself ahead of other things and taken care of myself. This year, I have become more authentic in who I am and in the friendships I have. 

As Christmas arrives in only two more sleeps I find myself feeling thankful. Content. Blessed. Strong. Creative. And yet, I feel a sense of sorrow. I fear for our world and the world my children are to grow old in. We are blessed beyond measure here in Australia and in this home of ours, where children are healthy and the fridge is stocked with food. I am well aware we are the minority, us folk with houses and beds, hot water and food. Us folk who fill our trolleys to the brim and write 'wish lists' for Christmas. If only there was a way for all people to feel joy. If only every heart knew love. If only generosity was a way of life and GIVING was a priority. 

I sip my hot tea and wonder how and if and when...

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