All of the lasts...

What a big week this is. A week of lasts. I'm not very good when it comes to 'lasts' to be honest. Being so sentimental I find myself over thinking things and becoming emotional.

Tomorrow is Master Five's last day of preschool. And every year, everyone says it and this year it feels especially true - how fast has 2016 gone?!

This morning I watched Master Five sing songs and perform with his friends. He smiled and sang and did all the actions and it was during their performance of 'I am Australian' that I felt that familiar lump in my throat. That lump that says 'he is growing up'. That lump that tells me time is fleeting. That lump that will miss this amazing nurturing environment that he's had three days a week.
I felt myself becoming desperate to hold onto these days, this moment.

The preschool played a slide show of all the beautiful children telling the camera what they'd like to be when they grow up - and there he was, his happy face beaming on the screen as he said 'I want to work at Sydney Zoo with all of the animals.'

Today he wore a Batman costume to preschool and sang 'Ging Gang Gooley' and in a matter of weeks he will wear a school uniform and an oversized backpack and that lump in my throat will return.

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