...It is getting hot. I can't say I enjoy the heat once it reaches the thirties

...The children are getting tired as the year draws to an end

...I am wishing we had a swimming pool

...My creative mind is running wild and I am loving it

...Watermelon tastes so good

...We are spending days off at the beach and it is utter bliss

...There is nothing good to watch on TV

...I'm enjoying connecting with friends in such a genuine way

...Our Christmas tree will go up this weekend and I am so excited about it!

...In March I will see Adele perform live and I cannot wait

...There is something about the smell of sunscreen that makes me happy

...The calendar is fill in yup fast and I love it! Socialising and busyness is a joy.

...The Husband is working Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I cried. But it's part of the job that he loves and we will lake it work, as we always do.

...I think Master Seven has morphed into a teen overnight. He lays on his bed listening to Ed Sheeran and doesn't want anyone to disturb him.

...I've lost my voice. I have a chest and throat infection. Master Five is still looking for my voice and has wondered where on earth it could possibly be.

...Yesterday Miss Two put all the toilet paper into the toilet and then climbed my wardrobe shelves and got a hold of my nail polish. Let's just say her white t-shirt isn't white anymore. 

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