Spring is Almost Over

Spring is my favourite season of the year. Our garden is blooming with new green shoots and bursts of colourful flowers are appearing daily.

The jasmine is creeping upwards over the walls of the arbour and I quietly wonder how long it will be before we're walking under a canopy of tiny white flowers and lush green leaves.

The children have been helping us weed between the pavers and they seem to almost gain enjoyment from this type of work.

We've been spending days off at the beach. Exploring caves, sharing the rocks with the crabs as we climb. The children are so happy at the beach. There is something so wild and carefree about a day spent at the beach. It's invigorating.

Sunflower seeds are struggling to sprout on our window sil. I was hopeful they would take hold and be planted in our fairy garden. Our fairy garden is in a large, white ceramic bowl that was found beneath the overgrowth of our first home and has travelled to this house with us. So far it houses a little green frog (of the plastic kind), a tiny porcelain rabbit and a colourful, miniature gnome. We are yet to build tiny houses for them but I'm counting on the sunflowers providing bright, yellow shelters for them, protecting them from the hot, summers heat.

Soon it will be Christmas. Cicadas will hum and flies will buzz and the air will be filled with a sense of magic and excitement.

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