Winter is here and we have been fighting coughs, sniffles and even Scarlet Fever over the last month or so. Feet and kidneys are kept warm and the diffuser is running 24/7 with On Guard at the ready. By 4pm I am calling the children inside for warm bubble baths and inside play by the heater.

Miss Two is no longer in nappies during the daytime which is exciting for us (no more nappies!!) and is also now in a bed which is taking some getting used to. She stays in her bed all night long, but expects us to lay with her most of the night.

I have landed my dream job, teaching two days a week at a beautiful, small primary school. It will challenge me but I am already loving it and feel re-energised to teach and to continue learning.

The boys have both had a great 1st Semester at school and came home with wonderful reports that they should be very proud of. Regardless of their overall grade we loved seeing them putting in a 5/5 for effort and reading the teachers comments at the end gave us great pride and contentment.

I am clearing out the wardrobes as I pull size 4's from Master Six's shelves. He has grown and clothes that I presumed would fit just don't. Decluttering is so satisfying.

We now have carpet in the bedrooms and it is so luxurious! I said to The Husband I feel so grown up having carpet and our room feels like a hotel. Already I have noticed the children play in their rooms more and I happily join them on the floor to play because it is so nice to sit on...warm too!

I have always said I like Winter... but mostly I find myself longing for Spring. Those in-between seasons really are hard to beat. But I will focus on the here and now and try and enjoy the hot showers and cups of tea, the scarves and coats, the cuddles under blankets. Soon enough time will pass all too quickly (as it does) and Spring will arrive in all its glory.

I hope you are staying warm.

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