I Remember...

I remember sliding down black plastic that lined our steep driveway. Water and detergent combined to create the ultimate turbo fuel. We'd land on the carport concrete at the bottom and alway get up laughing.

I remember when ice cream cones were 30 cents at McDonalds and Red Skins, Spearmints and Milkos were 5 cents each at the local corner store.

I remember riding my bike down the middle of the road, helmet strap un-done under my chin (trying to be cool, but really being stupid) stopping at the sand to check out the surf.

I remember a time when the only thing that was scary was my pitch black room at night. I'd lay in bed and make my eyes fussy till i saw millions of tiny spots floating around in the darkness.

I remember spending weekends at my Nan's retirement village. I'd hang out with her and her friends and they'd teach me complicated card games, the rules of lawn bowls and where all the lollies were stashed.

I remember when birthday parties were about the people and not about the place or how much money was spent. We'd dress up, eat frankfurts with tomato sauce and play the hanging donut game, then play in the yard, giggling and having fun until home time.

I remember toasting marshmallows in our lounge room fireplace, then pulling all of our bedding down from upstairs and sleeping in front of the warm, fire in the winter time.

I remember when we got our first computer and it took up most of the desk with it's bulkiness. I remember the day we got the internet and could search things on AltaVista instead of having to look in an encyclopaedia.


I remember back in 2009, when blogging was simple and so enjoyable to read.
I'd make myself a tea, open my laptop as though it were a good book and settle down ready to get a little moment of reprieve. I'd read about others, mostly mothers and I'd be reassured or inspired by their posts. There were never any ads and never sponsored posts. It was simple, it was delightful.
I guess I have tried to keep that going here in my little space. And that is why it remains little, which I am happy with. I write to connect and to share.

Am I old-fashioned already?

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