Apple Trees and Illness

It has been a while since I have visited this space. Hello old friend.
I am trying not to begin by saying that life has been busy, because 'busy' is one of those words that has negative connotations. I like busy. I like doing things and ticking boxes and moving from place to place. Most of the time, Busy and I are friends.

Life has been full lately. We have been moving through the weeks (watching as they disappear in the blink of an eye) achieving our weekly tasks of soccer training, homework schedules, swimming lessons, library visits and working days. The working days are the ones which sometimes leave me feeling frazzled. There are always a few hours of work to do before arriving at my work place, and then the work continues once home. It is a two-day-a-week career that leaves me satisfied, fulfilled and at the same time, completely exhausted. It is probably more exhaustion from everything that needs to be done just so I can get to work and know that everyone is looked after and considered.

On the weekends we take things slowly. The soccer season is drawing to an end and whist i've loved Saturday mornings sitting in the sunshine and watching Master Six play, I won't miss the cold, evening training sessions and will probably enjoy having nothing penned into the diary on a Saturday. Last weekend The Husband woke and made the announcement that 'Today we will buy some apple trees'. So we he did. And we he planted them in our yard. Sometimes I catch my husband staring outside and when questioned he simply states 'I'm looking at trees.'
I love this man.

It feels like it has been weeks since we've all been healthy. Miss Two (almost Three!) has had one thing after another (daycare germs!) and now Master Seven isn't well again either. I feel like I've got a never ending sore throat that is just a part of life now... it won't budge! Any advice is most welcome...

And finally, as friends sometimes do, let's discuss the weather for a moment. HELLO SUNSHINE!
Our front garden is beginning to bloom as this warm end of Winter is fooling our garden into thinking Spring has arrived! It's a glorious thing to wake up and open the windows and doors and be met with a gentle (not cold) breeze. Today there is a smell of bush fire smoke in the air which really has me thinking it is Summer, not Winter at all. I am quite excited to bid this Winter farewell and welcome some warm, dress wearing, sun-kissed-skin type of weather.

I hope you are all well. Thank you for stopping by and reading.

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