• The new year has arrived and it feels funny writing 2018.
  • The house looks as it usually does during the school holidays, messy and well lived in.
  • I am feeling tired and sluggish, not unusual for me in this hot, humid weather.
  • The school holidays have sadly flown by,  i've enjoyed them so very much.
  • I am being proactive with my 'to do' list of backing up photos, creating a new budget, making appointments that should have been made months ago, refinancing for a better deal...
  • Spaghetti Bolognese is on the menu tonight - we haven't had it in a while and the children started asking for it again. 
  • We have trialed one month free with Netflix and I'm beginning to think it might be here to stay.
  • Our conversations at home have turned to more renovations - this time bathroom and laundry plans, and possibly, maybe even a pool...
  • Bookclub is tonight. I finished the book a few weeks ago, it was a wonderful read called 'Where'd You Go Bernadette?'
  • I really need to mop the floors (again!?) nothing stays clean around here for long.
  • Our poor dog is limping. It must be her back knee again. I hope we can help her to be pain free.
  • I am honestly in disbelief and denial that my eldest son is heading into year three at school. 
  • At night I research countries that we'd like to travel to. So much to plan and look forward to.
  • I think I want to print more family photos for our walls. Something about framed photos on the wall makes me so content. 
  • Days spent at the beach are some of our favourites. Even when we don't feel like packing up the car and driving there it is always great once we hit the sand and salty water. 
  • I have been re-inspired to blog a little more lately. I have missed this place, it's good to be back.

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