• Winter is here and (today) I don't mind it one bit. I have a coffee in my hand and Ben Harper is playing to the backing of rain. 

  • We are yet to commence Part Two of our home renovations as plans keep evolving, making things slightly more complicated. 

  • Master Six is about to turn Seven, which I find quite remarkable. I think the passing of time will always baffle me. We celebrated with a party on the weekend and he was gifted with so many new toys - I am blown away by people's generosity. 

  • Last Christmas my parents gifted us a weekend in the Blue Mountains to take whenever suited. Last weekend we booked a cabin in Katoomba and took the kids to Scenic World. We had such a fabulous time riding the Skyway, Cableway and Railway (when I say 'we' I really mean 'them'. I am not sure when I became so uncomfortable with heights but my body did NOT appreciate the rides as much as the children did.) The Walkway was a highlight for me - walking through the dense forest, listening to the sounds of nature and seeing rocks and trees that have been there for millions of years is very grounding and spiritual. 

  • Master Eight has started learning the Trombone. I love listening to him practise, gradually getting more and more confident. Learning to read music is a skill I definitely want my children to posses. I know there is no rush for these things but the school band is a wonderful opportunity for him to have fun learning music alongside his peers. 

  • I still pinch myself that I have a wonderful (paid) job to go to twice a week. One school, amazing staff and students - I certainly do not take it for granted. I often reflect on how much casual teaching was waring me down and how fulfilling I had forgotten teaching can be. 

  • I have missed coming to this space, sharing my thoughts and linking to my community. I have been blogging for eight years, posting some months more than others but always wanting to come back. Writing is very cathartic for me and documenting life is important for my sentimental nature. 

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