I have been known to be an over-sharer. Sometimes it has been an accusation, as though it is a bad thing to be honest, raw, real. I am an emotional and passionate person and as I get older I am also seeing the value in being authentic. I value 'real', meaningful conversations with people, listening with intent and respect, and giving/sharing with honesty and vulnerability.

With age comes clarity for many things. Like what really matters, who really matters, and this incredible freedom in the realisation that it doesn't matter one bit, what anyone else thinks of you, but you. If you are proud of who you are, your kindness, compassion, motives and attitude, then it doesn't matter if you are 'too much' for someone - they are just not meant for your village perhaps.

I like over-sharing. It keeps me vulnerable and humble - two things I am learning more and more about and finding so much contentment and even joy from being. In the past three years I can say without a doubt that my relationships, in all areas of my life have strengthened and become so much more authentic and more deeply connected. There is less fear and more honesty; less worry and more listening; less anxiety and more confidence. Things are real, and it is so good.

So be a sharer, be yourself and find authenticity in your relationships with people. It will bring so much meaning to your life and so much trust, love and connection.

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