Free For All

I love waking to a rainy weekend. This morning the kids climbed into bed with me and we lay there and listened to the rain. It was forty minutes before we decided to get up - the idea of waffles for breakfast alluring us.

'I thought you said it was Spring!' Master Five calls out from the bedroom after discovering I'd laid out trackies for him to wear today. And so we talk about weather and how unpredictable it can be. Yes, it is Spring and it is also cold and wet today I explain.

An entire day indoors at home calls for a 'free-for-all' day. These are days where just about anything goes and I don't pick up after them along the way.

There is currently a pink yoga mat and plastic Easter eggs scattered down the hallway, twenty-three books strewn over the lounge and coffee table, Duplo blocks sprawled over the living room rug and Transformers have taken up home on the kitchen bench. Soon I will cover the table in plastic for protection and put out glue, textas, scissors and an assortment of craft items and it will indeed be a free creative space for them to explore. Cut up pears will accompany the crafting and Van Morrison will blare from the speaker while I sing along merrily to 'Days Like This.'

'Sometimes we all need a rainy Saturday' I think to myself as I put the kettle on to boil...


  1. A wet Saturday meant a slowing down for us too. I bought the weekend papers, we went out for a lazy breakfast, lots of cups of tea. A real slow down.

    1. Sometimes they are the best. And breakfast out is always wonderful! Thanks for stopping by Kate.


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