Tuesday Evening

The sun has set and the house is fairly quiet. I can only hear the occasional turn of The Husband's text book page as he studies in the next room. There is a soft hum of crickets outside the open backdoor and as I sit in the lounge room I can see the soft glow of my diffuser, which is letting off the most wonderful, subtle scent of peppermint, ginger and aniseed.

It has recently occurred to me, that as I head into my thirty-third year of life Earth-side, I am at that age where I once thought old. I can still recall being a young child of six or seven and thinking my parents, and all of their friends were old. And my old parents, and all of their old friends had boring, important jobs and they probably didn't have any fun 'cause they were 'just' parents. I know my assumptions were wrong, and I realise now my parents were 'normal' and not at all boring. In fact, it's dawned on me that they were in the midst of some of the best years of their lives.

So as I sit on my blue armchair, sipping my tea with milk and honey and stuff leftover brownies into my face, I acknowledge the importance of documenting these wonderful years that are my thirty-somethings...


  1. Yay! You're back! For some reason the style of your inner dialogue gave off sentiments of Kathleen Kelly from 'You've Got Mail' - Oh how I love that movie, and your writing. Fresh, light and the perfect way to start a blog site

    1. I absolutely love that you wrote that! This new blog of mine should feel exactly like that. I want to be writing to a friend. My last blog was for my children and for my family documenting our days. This new start is for me. And for a community. Thank you so much Hayley xx


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